Full Name
Ally Head
Ally is Marie Claire UK's health, sustainability and relationships channel editor. When she envisaged her career as a journalist, she couldn’t think of anything she’d like to do more than report on the latest peanut butters to try and so landed her first job at Women’s Health out of sheer PB-fuelled persistence.

Day-to-day for Marie Claire, she reports on the latest news stories and writes health, sustainability and lifestyle digital features. She's always the first to volunteer to sweat-test the newest fitness trend or share a measured, expert-led take on current health topics. Low grade depression? PTSD? COVID and fertility? She's covered the lot with guidance from some of the best experts in the business. You can always count on her for a measured nutrition take, too, mainly because she's tried the lot and has a AfN nutrition qualification. She also freelances as a food stylist, having worked backstage at many a BBC Good Food Show with chefs like James Martin, Mary Berry and Rachel Allen.

With over five years experience, she's written for Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, Glamour and more, and has an English Language BA and a Magazine Journalism MA. When she's not writing, she's training for her next race (she loves marathons and isn’t mad—or so she says) or hunting down a good pastry. Her career highlight? Winning Rude Health’s porridge championships two years in a row. Not bad.
Ally Head